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We have big goals

Last year we were incredibly successful with popcorn sales.  The kids loved it, and it allowed us to provide back to the school in the way of the Muse STEAM night, Knoxville Zoo at International Night, and teacher appreciation support.

Knox County Schools does not budget/pay for playgrounds.  We believe play is essential for children.  

We have started the process of how to go about replacing the playgrounds.  The newest playgrounds were refreshed almost 2 decades ago, and many of the pieces of equipment that were originally on these playgrounds have been removed for safety reasons as they have broken or been damaged.  The cost to replace a playground with quality equipment from qualified vendors is over $100,000.  If we were to replace all 4 playgrounds, it would be nearly $500,000.  We can't get there with popcorn.

By joining the PTO, you are connecting us with you.  We cannot do big things on our own, but we can together.  

We're not expecting to achieve big goals with membership dues.  However, by connecting with us you are allowing us to connect with hundreds of local companies and corporations.  Many corporations are able to provide community donations that can help us get us there.  

By joining the PTO, you are staying connected with us.  We are able to send out information that helps us and helps the community.

By joining the PTO you are connecting with each other.  If you opt to be listed in the members-only directory, and you choose to provide your contact information, you are allowing other parents to contact you, and you to contact them